Our Services

Signature Ayurvedic Facial
60 mins – $100

Ayurvedic herbal facial deeply exfoliates the skin, improves glow in the face, black spots and dark circles which is followed by a light Abhyangam on the face with herbal oil & herbal steam

Ayurvedic Facial with Abhyangam & Swedana
90 mins – $155

A Mukh Abhyangam (facial treatment) with ayurvedic oils infused with herbs herbal pack. A full body Abhyangam with medicated oil and swedana (herbal steam bath) which rejuvenates the body.

Ayurvedic Facial with Shirodhara
60 mins – $135

Specialized herbal pack on the face is used to deeply exfoliate the skin followed by Shirodhara which uses a steady stream of warm, aromatic oil/decoction using on the forehead.